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5/17/05 10:27 pm


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Can you tell I'm bored. Nah, I just felt like doing some quizzes... let's the time go by. Anywayz, I went to Windsor this past weekend and had to play in both orchestras because I was one of only 2 bassoonists there. Well, I rehearsed for a total of 15 hours +... everyone else rehearsed for 7.5hours. Oh well, I had a blast and I'm sad that it's over. Like I'm really glad I'm home again and that i'll be able to see my hubby a lot more now, but it was just so much fun and everyone played phenominally.

I had my first ball game tonite. the first game was last week but i could go. We played Whitby tonite and their coach is the coach for Durham College. He's gone undefeated in 4 years. Anywayz, we tied them. It wasn't a bad game and my shoulder didn't hurt that much.

Did my solo last week and got my mark yesterday. 90% bitches! That's rite! I'm so happy. I played well.. so hurray for me...

I don't really wanna type anymore so, l8er... I love you Brandon xoxoxoxoxox I hope you won ur game.

5/9/05 05:40 pm

Well, It's been quite some time since my last entry. Lots to talk about... well... 23rd of April was our last performance of Grease and then it was PARTAE time! I had a blast. It was lots of funa dn interesting stuff happened. We took down the set on the sunday and it was really sad. Oh well... great memories.

I did my english presentation on the following wednesday and i got 88%. I was the first person in the class to go and I was a little bit nervous. But it was cool after a little bit.

Went to camp on the 30th.. BEST CAMP EVER! The theme was celebration. It was absolutely amazing. I only wish my hubby had been invited. It was pretty cold up there but i had an amazing time. I was in Cabin 4 and Laura, Haley, Amanda, Kelly, Lisa, Kristen, and the 2 vermont girls were in my cabin. Great times, we had girl talk and it was just a blast. We had to creat a name and a little song for our cabin. We were Alpha Beta Pie and our "party" was a toga party. It was lots of fun. The meals were great. Opening campfire was awesome. I sat with Josh and Seann and we ended up laying down under my blanket just talking and looking at the stars. It was sooooo pretty. Um... just a few highlighted points, my colour group won opening activity AGAIN! WOOT WOOT!!!! Um... the dance was awesome and for the candle ceremony, Kerri gave me her candle. It was so sweet. I'm gonna miss her next year. All in all camp was fantastic.

Last week was pretty good until wednesday night. I had to to teach 3 lessons which was ok.. but then I talked to Brandon till 10:30 or so when he had to go to bed cuz he was getting up early to leave for New Brunswick. I was so upset that he was leaving. He's home today... but i havne't heard anything from him yet. I can't wait till he calls. It's been over 100 hours since i've talked to him. I'm going crazy.

My weekend was pretty good. I worked Sat. morning, then went to DYO rehearsal for 2 hours, came home, ate, and then went back for my performance. I worked sunday morning as well. After work, I went to Brandon's to wish his mom a happy mother's day. I had a card and some chocolates for her. I also had the blanket for Brandon which my grandma knitted for him. I had the family guy volume 2 and phantom of the opera for him as well. I was only popping over to say a quick hello, but i ended up staying there for about 5 and a half hours. It was really nice. I talked with his mom, dad, grandma, brother and sister. It was awesome. Altho, there is one downside... I'm sun burnt. LOL...

Well I think this is getting too long so I'll stop typing... l8er

4/22/05 10:52 pm

So this morning I had my antrho presentation. I think it went pretty well. I got the class involved and showed a couple clips from Catch Me If You Can. My topic was the affects divorce has on children. Mrs. Barter kept telling me wut a good job I had done after i finished. I think that's a good sign.

Camp kickoff was next period. It was a lot of fun. I'm getting really pumped for next weekend. It'll be awesome! Altho, I am in the orange group. I don't have anything orange tho. I wrote Laura down as my number one on my cabin list. Hopefully all worx out and we're get our wishes. So many people are going this year that I actually talk to on a regular basis. Not like last year. I had a blast last year so I can't wait to see what happens.

We did a lab in Chemistry today. It was kinda boring. There was one reaction that was really cool tho. I can't remember wut the two solutions were. I think it was copper sulphate and sodium ??? phosphate maybe. I can't remember. Mr. Lavoie eliminated some of the lab questions we hafta do so there's only like 2 questions that need to be done. It's nice.

Music, well, we just played through a couple of things and then worked on our solos. When we played Molly on the Shore I was not looking forward to playing bar 19 to whenever. I can't play it. The fingering is tough and I'm just struggling with it. It doesn't help that whenever I try to play it, Adam starts laughing. Very discouraging. Nothing I can do... Adam's like that sometimes. We worked on his solo as well cuz I'm accompanying him. The piano part is fairly easy. Thank goodness. I don't wanna screw anything up. I'm also accomp. a clarinet player and my hubby.

Afterschool the girls in musical posed for the picture which the guys will be getting. I'm excited. We get a copy too and I wanna see how it turned out. Tonight's peformance was phenominal. It was by far the BEST performance we've had since we opened last monday. We've completed 12 shows, and we only have one left. It's really sad. Musical has been my life since January. I don't know wut I'm gonna do with myself. The cast has been so great this year, and I'm friends with a lot of graduates. I know I'm gonna cry tomorrow nite. I better make sure that I don't wear mascara. I don't wanna look crazy before going out.

Well, I'm going to bed. I've gotta finish my english presentation this weekend. Sunday I finally get to meet Brandon's dad too! I'm excited. Anywayz, I'm off....

I love you Brandon. have a g'nite sweetie... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

4/21/05 11:43 pm

Wow, a long time has past since I typed out one of these. Grease has been SO great! Friday nights show was phenominal and the gala afterwards was great. I got to ride in a stretch limo. It was effing sweet cuz I've never been in one. Anywayz, my hubby looked AMAZING!!!! It was such a fun nite. Scott, Kerri, Brandon, and I left at 1:30 and went driving around. We ended up at pizza pizza around 2 in our gowns to order pizza. Quite funny... it was a great nite/morning. I spent Sat with Brandon and it was nice. We watched Grease. LOL You would think i was sick of it. Well, I am to some extent, but I really don't want this musical to end. This year is awesome. Sat nites show was a bit of a disaster, but the audience didn't know any better and thot it was great! Cheers for us!

I've been pretty drained for the past while as I'm sure everyone involved in musical is. I'm sick again too!!! GAH! Not cool, my cough is under control rite now. I took some robetussin before I went to school for our performance. It was yucky, but I feel good now. I hope someone will decide to have the after party soon. Brandon wont let me drink tho, if i'm still not feeling well. Nutz to him.. I'm just kidding. I love you hunni... but i will have a little bit to drink at least.

My school work is slowly beginning to get caught up. The tests I thot I failed in Biology and Chemistry weren't failures. They weren't very good marks, but it beats a fail. I hafta present something for Anthro tomorrow. We've had it since January and I finished it about 20 min. ago. I was worried that I wouldn't get it done. Now I'm just worried about my English presentation. I don't have a thesis and I have no idea wut to do for my creative part.

Well, I'm off to bed so I'm nice and rested for my wonderful anthro presentation. I think I'll do ok. As long as I can get the class to participate. Anywho... nighty night

I love you Brandon xoxoxoxoxo sweet dreams babe

4/13/05 10:42 pm

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Yea, sweet deal.. italian.. that's awesome... i wanna go to Italy at some point. Oh well... we'll see if it ever happens... hopefully I'll make lots of money when i'm older so that i can travel... I love you Brandon

4/13/05 01:26 pm

So, performances have been great so far this week. This morning my mom came with her school. I got some feedback from her and she said the entire staff from her school that saw it, loved it! We don't have another show until Friday night. Friday is also gala. We can't take our dates in the limo, so i don't know how Brandon and Scott are getting there. Well, they'll figure it out. I can't wait. It'll be so good. I signed out at lunch to come home and do some homework catching up. Tonight I've also got 3 piano lessons to teach. I haven't seen Chloe and Paul for about 3 weeks now becuz of musical stuff. It'll be nice to see them again. I'm pretty run down with musical and I can't wait till it's over... well totally. This year has been so great. We're all like one big happy family as apose to last year and other years so I've heard. THere's been no fighting, it's awesome. I just hope next year is just as good. There's rumor that we might be doing West Side Story. It'd be wicked cuz there's a bassoon part for that. I wouldn't hafta play the piano... hurray!

Tomorrow is mine and Brandon 4 months. Wow, the time has just flown by. I'm sooo happy. I love you Brandon.. i'll write u more in the note i said i'd give u. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

4/11/05 11:44 pm

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4/11/05 11:40 pm

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4/11/05 10:09 pm

Rehearsals are finally over now for Grease. We did a tribute thingy after rehearsal and it was quite emotional for everyone. Before the tribute began, I went to the staff room with the rest of my pit and stole a swivle chair and rolled up and down the halls at 10:30 at nite... it was sooo much fun. This weekend was really go, go, go for me. Rehearsal friday nite, work sat. morn, nap, rehearsal, sun morn work, sun afternoon homework... This morning was our first performance and the audience was definately in a comma... every single one of them. They didnt acknowledge much of anything. The second show was awesome tho. We had a full house and the actors put on a fantastic performance. Tomorrow is day 2 and the senior band also has Kiwanis. We might do ok. I dunno... i hope so. I'm sick of music now. This friday is gala and i have a hair appointment at 1pm. I have no idea how i'm getting there tho. I'll hafta figure out the bus schedule.. then, i have piano at 4:45-5:45.. and i've gotta be at school for 6 for grease... my brother is working and my mom and dad are in huntsville with my sister. I think wut i'll hafta do, is walk down to the school and store my dress in my locker, then walk to my piano teachers house, then get someone to pick me up from there... i dunno... i'll figure it out one way or another... well i'm tired, and i don't wanna type anymore...

EVERYONE SHOULD GO SEE GREASE!!!!!!! April 15, 16, 21, 22, 23 $8 for Adults $5 for Children

I love you Brandon... xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

4/7/05 09:13 pm

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Hee hee, so.. rehearsal was good tonite. Everyone was in costume and it looked great. I can't wait to get our jackets. It's gonna be awesome. Tonite, I realized that Brandon is sitting in the exact same spot as I am in the pit, he's just sitting in the second row. I'm nervous about next week cuz I have such a crucial role in the music. It's crazy. Everyone should come see it. It's on April 15th, 16th, 21st, 22nd, and 23rd and shows start at 8pm. I'm not advertising, no not at all... *looks around* Anywho, I've kinda passed a lot of my major due dates for this week. Next week will be a bit stressful becuz I have summatives to do, tests and quizzes to study for, and I'll b e missing a lot of class time for Grease but oh well. I can't wait till gala either. Sunday I went to get Brandon and Scott fitted for their tuxes with Kerri. Afterwards, we went to East Side Marios and I had cheese cappeletti and a funnel cake... mmmm it was sooo good. I found a dress for gala too. I wasn't allowed to buy a dress, but I wanted to and this one looks really good on me. Makes me happy. I'll prolly wear it to prom as well, cuz my hubby wants me to. Well, I don't really wanna say anything else now, so I'm gonna go...

I love you Brandon xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

HA!!! that picture for my mood is AWESOME!!! HA HA!!!!
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